GVision Zero client Touch Monitor at HIMSS 2012
2015 / 10 / 06

GVision USA, Inc. demonstrated its latest offering in medical touchscreen displays, this past week, at the HIMSS 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition, in Las Vegas Nevada. The 19'' medical white touchscreen, was featured in a Point of Care mobile medical cart, which was prominently displayed in the VMware booth, throughout the show. It was the only PCoIP Zero Client Touchscreen on display.

The GVision product features an integrated PCoIP (PC-over-IP) chipset, making it fully compatible with VMware View™ desktop environments. GVision’s integrated solution approach eliminates the need for an external adapter box, thereby reducing the amount of hardware clutter and simplifying the design of mobile medical carts.


VMWare Chris Grossmeier, Sr. Systems Engineer demos a medical application on GVision 19” fully integrated zero client touchscreen display.